Arthritis Treatments For Dogs, How You Can Help Your Pet

Arthritis treatments can be very helpful in improving the overall well-being and health of your dog. Like humans, many pets have pain and stiffness in their joints. This often leads to the development of arthritis, a painful condition that continues through the aging process.

You may notice that your pet is less willing to jump up onto a couch or that he or she is not running as quickly as normal. Some may not want to do a lot of walking at all. When this happens, a trip to the vet is important. Sometimes, your vet will recommend arthritis treatments for dogs.

What are your options? There are supplement products on the market. Supplements are often one of the best choices for those pets suffering from the beginning stages to the more moderate stages of arthritis. Treatments for dogs like this often include a small pill to give your pet. These will contain added nutrition and, in some cases, a combination of ingredients that can work as a medication. Most of these products are effective when given to your pet properly.

Vitamin C is a key ingredient in some arthritis treatments for dogs

arthritis treatments for dogsIn some situations, you may want to use a product that contains a high amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for being a powerful solution for improving arthritis pain and discomfort in pets because it is vital for the production of collagen that helps to support the joints.

Arthritis treatments for dogs that contain a high dosage of Vitamin C can be very helpful because it will help to protect against further joint damage. This condition will worsen, sometimes considerably over time.

It is a good idea to follow the dosing directions for this product to ensure your pet is getting enough but not too much of the substance. It may be available in a powdered variety.

Vetri-CMO for Dogs pictured right contains natural ingredients including vitamin C to support the health of your dog’s joints.

Anti Inflammatory Medicine Can Help

For my own Jack Russell, Murdoch – who has just had his fifteenth birthday, diet, exercise and ensuring he keeps to a healthy weight have not been enough. Last year, we took him to our Vet as he had great difficulty walking. Standing on any uncarpeted, smooth surface, would cause his back legs to splay out when he tried to walk – or they would collapse under him. This was very distressing for him and for us.

Our Vet recommended that we try him on an NSAID – a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug. The one he prescribed is Metacam, also called Minoxidyl. We noticed an improvement in him within a few days and he is much better now. Our vet suggested we could reduce the dosage gradually until the symptoms returned but we noticed that as soon as we did so, Murdoch seemed stiff and unhappy again.

So, we are keeping him on the full dose. Thankfully, he seems to have no stomach problems at all taking this medicine – although this was one of the problems we were warned to look out for, with digestive upset or blood in the stools being a red flag to take him back to the vet again. I am glad to say that Murdoch is happy and well at the time of writing.

Arthritis treatment can include changing the diet of your dog

Another option is changing your dog’s diet. Instead of giving dry or canned food that is often full of fat, try to cook your own meals for the pet. Wherever possible, adjust the foods he or she is getting to include healthier components. Leaner meats, more vegetables and even whole grains can be helpful to a pet, just as they are to a human.

Sometimes, the most effective arthritis treatments for dogs are those products that help your dog to lose weight. Choose products that are healthy for your pet, instead of fatty foods and treats. Get your pet outside more to walk, if he is willing to do so. It is also a good idea to ensure he is getting plenty of water.

By doing these things, or by finding other products on the market that work to support joints and reduce inflammation, you can see improvement. Pain will lesson and any swelling will reduce. In many cases, your pet may seem happier and more willing to play as he or she used to do. It is not possible to cure the condition but with the right supplements and medical treatment, you can improve quality of life with the use of effective arthritis treatments for dogs.


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