Best Dog Fleas Treatment

Fleas are more than an annoyance for dog owners and their pets. They can be a health concern for animals, as well as people, and having a house overrun with jumping, biting bugs is no fun for anyone. This is why every dog owner should invest in dog fleas treatment.

There are many over-the-counter dog fleas treatment products pet-owners can purchase. A well-known treatment for fleas is the flea collar. This is a collar, which is treated with anti-flea chemicals that will not harm pets. When a dog wears the collar, it wards off fleas to some extent.

dog fleas treatmentAnother method that is more effective short-term than the collar, is a flea bath. Special shampoos made especially for pets are available at any pet store, and most department and grocery stores. Washing a dog with this shampoo should kill fleas currently on the pup, and some shampoos kill eggs as well.

For those looking for a stronger, long-lasting repellent, a vet can provide medications to treat canines. Usually, these medications are applied to an area on the back of the head or neck every few weeks. Products like Frontline and Advantage Multi for dogs offer some of the best flea protection in the business, though they can be pricey.

It is important to wash hands thoroughly after handling any of these remedies. They all contain chemicals that may be harmful to young children, and the chemicals should not be used around food preparation areas. The chemicals in treatments for canines are sometimes harmful to cats, so the same medications should never be used on cats.

There are non-chemical options for treating flea problems, for those who do not want to introduce chemicals into their home or use them on their pets.

A product known as the All-in-one-Flea remedy, for example, is made from diatomaceous earth which is classed as food grade and is used for pest control in gardens and commercial grain stores. The ingredients are so safe, they are left in the grain during processing and become part of food which is sold in grocery stores throughout the world.

Most Popular Flea Treatments

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No matter which dog flea treatment a pet owner decides to use, it is important to treat puppies and dogs consistently. It becomes even more important for those who live in rural areas or who have dogs that are often outside. Treatments may be effective for a short amount of time, but failure to retreat on a reliable basis will only result in re-infestations.

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