Immiticide, Shortage Worries Pet Owners

October 2011 This is not the first incident of an Immiticide shortage. However, this shortage is particularly worrisome for pet owners and veterinarians. Merial, the company that produces this FDA-approved drug for heartworm treatment in dogs, has provided little information … Continue reading

Alternative Heartworm Treatments

If you have been searching online for information about heartworm treatment, you will probably already have come across a number of sites urging you not to poison your dog with chemical preventatives or treat him for infection with adult worms … Continue reading

Heartworm in Every State in the USA – Official!

It’s official, Heartworm is everywhere! Results of the 2010 Heartworm Incidence Survey conducted by the American Heartworm Society (AHS), released on May 13th 2011, has confirmed that the veterinary data they analysed from veterinary practices across the US has shown … Continue reading