The Dangers of Aspirin and Heartworm Treatment

Many pet owners believe giving their pet aspirin will help to ease the discomfort after treatment for infection with Heartworms. This is a natural response of any owner, to try to help their dog when he is in pain. However … Continue reading

Immiticide Treatment, Behavioral Changes

Treatment with Immiticide can cause a significant change in your pet’s behavior. Unfortunately, there is no clinical method to determine how a dog will behave immediately after being treated with Immiticide. The AHS has compiled data that indicates common changes … Continue reading

After Heartworm Treatment, Dehydration and Loss of Appetite

After heartworm treatment, there can be problems with loss of appetite and a refusal to drink water resulting in deydration. Treating a dog infected with heartworms is difficult for both the animal and its owners. The only proven method of … Continue reading