Effective Tick Prevention with a Preventic Collar

A Preventic collar provides effective tick prevention by killing ticks before they can become embedded and starts working within twenty four hours.

It also works to detach ticks which may have already bitten your dog before you put on the protective collar.

It is safe to use on puppies over twelve weeks old and helps safeguard your pet from tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease.

Preventic collarThe active ingredient in a Preventic collar is called Amitraz and the collar contains 9% of this product to effectively protect your dog from diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease and each collar will keep working for three months from the time you put it on your dog to go on giving protection, round the clock. The advice is that a tick needs to be attached to your dog for between twenty-four and forty-eight hours in order to transmit the diseases into your dog’s bloodstream so the fact that ticks should be killed within twenty-four hours, protects your dog.

The Amitraz in a Preventic collar works by spreading all over your dog’s skin by being transported in the oil of the skin and fur. It gets working within twenty four hours of you putting the collar on your dog to detach and kill any ticks that may already be on the dog.

It continues working to kill any new ticks that might try to attach themselves to your dog for up to ninety days. It prevents them from attaching and feeding on your dog. The tick prevention effect of the Preventic collar remains effective in any weather conditions and will not be damaged by rain but the manufacturers advise that you should take off the collar if you are going to bath your dog and replace it once your dog is dry.

The Preventic collar is available in two different lengths. There is an eighteen inch collar for dogs up to sixty pounds and a twenty five inch collar for dogs over that weight. When using the collar, remove it from the packaging and fit to your dog’s neck adjusting so that the collar is in close contact with the dog’s skin. Buckle the collar into place and snip off any excess length of collar and dispose of this safely with the packaging where your dog or children cannot get hold of it. It is important for effective tick prevention to make sure that the collar fits closely to your dog’s skin and if he has long fur, you may want to part this to make a better contact.

You need to contact your vet if you are using any topical flea treatment (the sort that you ‘spot’ onto your dog’s coat) or any prescription meds – just to be sure that there are no possible contraindications or interactions. The manufacturers do not recommend using another flea or tick prevention collar in conjunction with Preventic. You should also ask your vet’s advice before using on a pregnant or nursing bitch or on an elderly animal. Please be sure to read the information from the manufacturer before you use this collar which is included with each collar purchased.

Although sensitivities or side effects are rare with this product, you should be aware that the collar contains a pesticide to kill the ticks and it is unusual, but possible that your pet may react to this pesticide.

Why Tick Prevention using A Preventic Collar or Other Method is Vital

Be vigilant when you put on a Preventic collar for the first time and watch for any unusual signs or symptoms. The most likely adverse reaction is a skin reaction where the collar touches the skin and in this case, the most usual cause is that the collar is too tight.

As mentioned above, a Preventic collar contains pesticide for tick prevention, so be sure to wash your hands after fitting it, make sure that children wash their hands after playing with, or petting the dog and always dispose of the cut off portion of a new collar and the old collar safely.

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