Generic Heartworm Medicine – Save Money and Keep Your Dog Safe

When it comes to heartworm prevention, cutting corners or taking chances is not an option for concerned pet owners.

However the cost of heartworm prevention may be hard to afford for some of us, especially if we have more than one dog.

Generic heartworm medicine is widely available and can save you quite a lot of money on the named brands.

But is it as safe and as effective?

If the generic equivalent brand of the heartworm medicine for dogs product you choose is approved by the FDA, you can be certain that it is both safe and effective. This is because, since 1984, no generic medicines have been approved for sale unless it is proven that they have the same active ingredients, in the same quantities as the branded ones.

Generic heartworm medicine

My dog, Murdoch, now a healthy, happy thirteen-year-old!

The FDA has wide-reaching powers and their standards are rigorous, ensuring that all their criteria are met before a generic brand is licensed for use. Their regulation does not stop there either and drugs can be recalled and further sales prohibited if there are any concerns about any aspect of the safety, efficacy or production of the medicine.

You can definitely save quite a bit of money by choosing a generic heartworm medicine. On average, you should expect to pay about two thirds of the cost of the branded product – although further savings are available online, especially where introductory offer coupons are available.

The rules that apply to generic medicines will be different depending on where you live. Generally speaking, unless your Veterinarian specifies on the prescription that no substitution of brand should be made, you are free to choose the brand of the medication for your pet – either the big-name brand or a generic equivalent. Even if you buy your pet’s medication online from a licensed pharmacy, they will advise you on your options depending on the State you live in – this is very important if you want to ensure that you are getting the medication your pet needs at the lowest price.

If you want to check out Generic Heartworm Medicine for yourself and be sure that the brand you have chosen a generic name product for heartworm prevention for your dog, you can find reassurance and confirmation on the FDA website as they publish a “Green Book” online. If you want speedy reassurance that the medicine you want to use is safe, effective and approved. There is a downloadable PDF which enables you to search for the name and confirm it is on the approved list.
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