Heartworm Pills For Dogs

Choosing Heartworm pills for dogs or any form of preventative treatment is a personal choice. Unfortunately, most pet owners do not understand the dangers of a heartworm infection. Refer to Heartworm treatment for dogs for insight regarding the care required for an infected dog.

The tragedy of a heartworm infection is it can be prevented. Mosquitoes transmit the heartworm larvae to dogs. It only takes one mosquito bite to infect a dog with heartworm larvae. Heartworm pills for dogs are a preventative medicine that is crucial in areas where mosquitoes are prevalent.

Globally, over 70 species of mosquitoes transmit heartworms. Even if you live in an area where mosquitoes may be few in number, you must consider if it is worth the risk to do without preventative treatment. Treating a heartworm infection is costly and causes discomfort and pain for the dog.

To prevent a heartworm infection, it is prudent to seek the advice of your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will recommend a treatment he or she feels is best for your dog. There are several reputable and highly effective heartworm medicines available on the market. Preventative heartworm pills are among the most common treatments.

Fortunately, most heartworm preventative medicines are available in convenient once a month pills. The key to using the medicines effectively is to make sure the dog has swallowed the pill and the pill is given on a regular basis. Many heartworm pills for dogs are now available in chewable or soluble form. The flavored chewable pills may be more enticing to your pet. There are beef or pork flavored chewable medicines, however, some dogs will not eat them or the chewable treat does not agree with them. The soluble pills can be dissolved in most liquids such as water or a flavored broth. The issue with soluble pills is you must make sure the dog drinks the entire quantity of the liquid.


How To Give Your Dog A Pill

pill pockets

In some cases, heartworm pills for dogs are a better alternative. The difficulty most pet owners experience with pills is tricking the dog into swallowing them. This is a challenge and often the pet owner is unsure of whether the dog swallowed the pill.

If you must give your dog a pill and are experiencing difficulty administering it, a wonderful solution is chewable dog pill casings. This ingenious treat is a delicious chewable treat with a hollow center. You simply place the pill in the center and squeeze the end of the treat to close the case. This ensures that medication does not fall out if your dog decides to play with the treat first.

The best known brand of these pill casings are probably ‘Greenies pill pockets‘, widely available and online at great prices from Amazon.com (please use the link provided to see the entire range of Greenies pill pockets available at Amazon).

Whether you choose Heartworm pills for dogs or an alternative is a matter of personal preference. The best decision you can make is to choose a medicine proven safe and effective. You do not want to risk your dog’s life and cause yourself heartache by choosing medicines your veterinarian does not recommend. Knowing your dog is protected against a heartworm infection will provide peace of mind. The preventative medicines will help your dog lead a long and healthy life.