Revolution Heartworm Prevention For Dogs and Cats

Revolution heartworm prevention for dogs and cats is a very easy to use heartworm preventative treatment manufactured by Pfizer Animal Health that comes in dosages suitable for dogs and cats and requires only one single application of the medicine on the same day, each month to a single spot on the back of your pet’s neck. The active ingredient is Selamectin which makes Revolution flea control effective as it kills fleas and their eggs. The medicine can also be used to control and treat ear mites in both dogs and cats. In dogs, it also controls infestations with American dog ticks and controls mange in dogs caused by the sarcoptic mange mite. Revolution for cats additionally treats and controls both roundworms and hookworms.

Revolution heartwormSo, if you only want to give your pet one medicine to protect from all these parasitic organisms, Revolution heartworm prevention could be the one to choose – mainly, for the ease of use (no worrying whether your pet has consumed the whole dose of medication in the form of a pill or chewable), as the little tube just needs to be spotted onto your pet and is safe to use on puppies from six weeks of age and Revolution for kittens can be used from eight weeks. The manufacturers also advise that it is safe to use on both pregnant and nursing dogs and cats.

The active ingredient Selamectin causes very few side effects. Less than 1% of dogs may experience a tummy upset but the manufacturer’s advice is that you should not use this medication on any animal that is unwell or underweight.

Take your Vet’s advice if your pet falls into either of these categories.

Selamectin is able to be so effective in treating a number of parasites including heartworm because it works in two ways. Firstly, it is absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream through the skin. Inside the body, it works to kill the tiny heartworm larvae from mosquito bites and to rid your pet of parasitic hookworms and roundworms. You may see the word ‘anthelmintic’ used to describe this medicine and this only means that it works to expel parasites like this. Secondly, once in the animal’s bloodstream, Selamectin redistributes itself throughout the whole surface area of the skin. This treats adult fleas, ticks and ear mites by killing them when they bite. It also stops flea eggs from hatching.

If you are using Revolution for heartworm prevention, you should follow the manufacturer’s advice and use it all year round. This is also the advice of the American Heartworm Society. This is a prescription medicine and you will not be able to buy it without a prescription. However, you should be able to save money by purchasing it through an online pharmacy once you have your Rx.

revolution for dogsIt is important to get the right sized dose for your dog or cat and Revolution comes in several different sizes for dogs and cats according to their weight – so it is easy to be sure that your pet is getting the right amount of the medicine. You must ensure that you use the whole tube and apply directly to your pet’s skin by parting the hair at the back of the neck, right between the shoulder blades. If your pet has a very thick coat, get someone to help you do this and avoid any possibility of any of the medicine being wasted. Your pet must be dry when you give this medicine. Just place the tip of the tube directly onto your pet’s skin and gently squeeze the contents of the whole tube onto that one spot. Applying the medicine to this area ensures that your pet cannot lick it off and it is very quick drying – you can even bathe your pet if you wish after only a couple of hours. As with all medicines, it is important that you use Revolution ONLY for the pet for whom it was prescribed and that you ensure it is stored safely and out of the reach of children.

Hygiene is very important, always wash your hands after applying this medicine and make sure to clean up after your pet as hookworms and roundworms can be transmitted to humans with serious consequences.

Before starting use of Revolution as a heartworm preventative, you will need to have your pet tested for heartworm (unless you are starting a young puppy or kitten on the treatment). This is very important to ensure that your pet is not heartworm positive. You must not apply Revolution if your pet is already on another type of heartworm preventive. Follow your vet’s advice and if you want to change to Revolution from another preventive, apply the appropriate dose of Revolution on the day you would normally be due to give the preventative your pet is currently on.

[ad#Heartworm large ad each post]If you miss a dose of Revolution heartworm treatment, give the missed dose as soon as possible and let your vet know about this in case protection has been reduced. If you accidentally give your pet too much medicine (for example, giving your smaller dog the dose meant for your larger dog), you must contact your vet immediately as serious consequences can result – please, for safety’s sake, treat any overdose as an emergency! Signs of overdose include drooling or vomiting together with a lack of co-ordination. Your pet may also have a tummy upset, appear drowsy or exhibit an increased breathing and heart rate and/or tremors in the muscles.

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