Teeth Cleaning For Dogs Some Tips For Success

Regular teeth cleaning for dogs, is an important part of their health and maintenance. Unfortunately, it is also a part of the regimen that can become neglected as owners focus on more obvious chores like bathing, walking, and flea treatments. As a result, dental problems have surfaced as the leading health issue for dogs. You can prevent this in your own pet by instituting a regular oral health care regimen.

Before you even attempt to brush a dog’s teeth, you should regularly examine his mouth, teeth, and gums. You want to check for redness or swelling of the gums, cracks in the teeth, tartar buildup or stains, and any other abnormalities.

It is best to do this daily but you should certainly do it at least three or four times a week. Next time you bend down to scratch behind your pooch’s ears, take a minute to look in his mouth by gently lifting his lips.

teeth cleaning for dogs

A finger toothbrush can really help with teeth cleaning for dogs

The best kind of toothbrush for the task is a Finger Toothbrush. These slip right onto your finger and provide a much less invasive experience than a regular-shaped toothbrush. You will also need to purchase some dog toothpaste. These are available in a wide variety of tempting flavors that makes teeth cleaning for dogs easier.

Introduce your dog to brushing by pretending to clean his teeth with your finger first. Then slip on the toothbrush and do a little dry brushing until he is comfortable with the motion. When you are ready to use toothpaste, put a small dab on your finger and allow him to taste it. He should now be ready to handle the teeth cleaning.

A great way to maintain oral hygiene in between sessions of teeth cleaning for dogs is by giving your pooch Pedigree Dentastix (which come in sizes to suit your dog) or a similar product. These treats help fight buildup by reducing plaque up to 80%. They are cleverly designed in an “X” shape that helps clean in between a dog’s teeth as he eats the tasty treat. When given to your dog on a daily basis, Dentastix are a great way to help keep ensure clean teeth. He’ll enjoy getting a daily treat so much that he’ll never even know it’s good for him.

Teeth Cleaning For Dogs, Some Helpful Tips

Good chew toys follow the same idea and will also help keep your dog’s mouth healthy. Rope toys and rawhide chips are the best kind of toys that will keep excessive tartar from building on your pet’s teeth.

By the same token, hard kibbles are the best kind of food for your dog’s teeth. As opposed to soft canned food, the hard kibbles will provide natural cleaning. Food brands specifically designed to aid in teeth cleaning for dogs include Hill’s Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dry Dog Food and Iams Chunk Dental Defense Diet for Dogs.

I hope that these tips and suggestions on teeth cleaning for dogs will help with your dog – if you have any tips or suggestions please post them in the comments section below.

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